Okay, okay. I get it, I promised we’d come back to the K-Pop thing.

So here’s the deal, my sister is awesome. Please, don’t tell her I said that. When we were kids yes, we fought all the time, but we also got along. Her best friend was my best friend’s older sister, which worked out pretty great. So even when we weren’t hanging out, we were kinda hanging out. We watched the same movies over and over, we liked similar books, and we listened to -mostly- the same music.

We would sit around the house singing the same boy band theme song on repeat. The best part, was we never had to argue over who was dating which Backstreet Boy. Dear sister, please take Nick, I like Brian.

To this day, if we hear “Oh My God, We’re Back Again!” we will find a place to dance. Even if we’re walking through the zit cream aisle at Walmart, we dance. My brother-in-law’s brother’s wedding? That dance floor was ours. That’s quality sister time right there.

So when she sent me a message on AIM in 2007, and said “Just listen, you’ll like it. It’s mostly in English.” and I wound up on YouTube watching a K-Pop star named BoA, I was trusting her. She was right. I did like it. So I sent her a crazy song I had heard called “Numa Numa,” and she promptly sent me the real song, and the actual video; “Dragostea din tei”, by the band O-Zone. So guess what? It’s not just Korean. We listen to music in tons of languages. She’s the linguist, not me. I just followed her blindly into the foreign music section on YouTube.

Jenny, yes my sister has a name, has this weird superpower. Over the years she has honed this superpower that allows her to look at the cover of a book, board game, movie, or the still from a music video; and know if I’ll like it. And because my sister is awesome -seriously, don’t tell her- she always makes sure I see it. Even though she emailed me the YouTube link a month earlier, she’ll happily play it for me when we’re in the same room again.

So K-Pop. In 2007, my sister sent me one video. Ever since then, I’ve been poking around the internet finding more music to like. Then there they were. BTS. They’re like BSB with sleeker fashion, and way more intricate dance moves. It was like discovering boy bands all over again, because I had in fact, discovered a new boy band again. I started listening. I have to listen to more and more, and suddenly, my daughter is singing Mic Drop. Well then you’ll love this song!

So here we are. My sister’s random risk in 2007, has given me some of my favorite mommy daughter time. We thank her for our K-Pop obsession, and for my daughter singing PSY songs almost flawlessly. How? Maybe she’s as awesome as my sister…

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