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What To Do After Your Blog Takes A Vacation

Blogging. The writing of random articles online. That’s easy!…Says anyone that doesn’t blog. It’s not always a basket of roses. There are many things that can stop you from posting any given week, or even posting regularly. A missed post isn’t the end of the world, but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up in…

5 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

If you’re looking at this blog and asking what it means, you should start with my What Is Website Traffic blog. But you should definitely come back here when you finish reading. The short story is that website traffic is your customer base, if you had a brick and mortar, your traffic is anyone that…

The 3 C’s of Content

No matter what your business is, your web content needs to shine a light on your company. Updated visuals like color schemes, the page design, and even your social presence are all still necessary, but without the proper copy, your website won’t get much traction. Writing good content is a crucial business skill, especially these…


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Hi! I’m Brittany. I worked with a great digital agency before the world turned upside down. Right now I have all this insight and nowhere to put it. So you guys get it for free!

But I accept payment in Follows, Shares, and Likes.


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