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Keywords for Website SEO

Keywords for Website SEO When you are building your own website, you’ll find the word “keywords” is used an awful lot. But what exactly is a keyword? Obviously, it’s all the things you add as tags, right? Well, no. Those are tags. Technically, they’re the same thing with one small difference. One is internal, and… Read More

Blog Maintenance

A blog takes a lot of work, and you know you have to update your content routinely. Research gives businesses the range of posting between 2-4 times a week. Not only is this a good practice for your content writers, but it helps to build your company up in the eyes of your audience. The… Read More

What You Should Know About SEO

Your website rocks! Your content sounds great, your colors are perfectly matched, your layout is easy on the eyes, so why aren’t you getting visitors? It could be that you have an SEO issue. You’ve heard SEO before, but what IS it? SEO stands for search engine optimization…that didn’t help you either? The short version… Read More


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Hi! I’m Brittany. I worked with a great digital agency before the world turned upside down. Right now I have all this insight and nowhere to put it. So you guys get it for free!

But I accept payment in Follows, Shares, and Likes.


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