Super Bowl. The one time of year that people who don’t care about football at all watch football. Is it because their team is on track to win? Usually not. Is it because you have to know who is going to win your fantasy football league for you? Probably not, they don’t like football. So why watch it? The commercials, duh!

We have all seen the commercial that pours a Bud Lite and talks to you in a smooth voice about how they don’t use corn syrup, but who looks for that on YouTube? No Sir, we’re looking for the journey across the other lite beers to find out who is missing their corn syrup. It’s a highlight to their ingredients and a dis to the other brewers. It’s so great.

And we can’t forget the Bud Knight joust either. Isn’t it bad enough that he was launched from his horse? No? Let’s add Gregor Clegane to the mix with a bloody death scene. Not enough? Add a fiery Drogon. Let’s just make it a party! Wait….oh wow. It’s actually a Game of Thrones commercial!? I need to drink a Bud Lite while I watch now… We see what you did there Bud. 

Everyone knows the voices for the M&M’s. So, when Christina Applegate was calmly speaking to the voices in the backseat, we all knew who she was talking to. Red and Yellow. Orange was a bonus, but hey, they have their friends too. But it is always fun to see a new M&M commercial right?

Almost as fun as seeing all the classic movie cars going to Walmart to pick up their groceries. We’ve seen the abridged version as we lead up to the super bowl, so not everyone got to see things like The Flinstones car, or Cinderella’s carriage. But we got to see Bumblebee dive roll into a beetle, and the best part is Slimer screaming at the guy in the parking lot. Hilarious!

The icing on the cake – well, that got destroyed – but you know what I’m talking about already. If you managed to miss the ad for the 100 seasons of NFL, watch this commercial and return because there are spoilers. Because it will make you say FOOTBALL! Pile-ups, and long throws. Every player got their moment, if they didn’t get a line, you watched their tackles, or you remember their red shoes running across the table. It made for a fun game of “Who is that one?” “Which team does he play for?”. Granted, it was easier for my parents, they watch football, and they know some of the more original players. But “Who was that girl?”

That girl is Sam Gordon. Future female football players, give a huge shout out to Sam for getting them started. She decided that she didn’t like the “girls can’t play” stigma, and started playing. When she was 9, she was the only girl on her team. She had 35 touchdowns, 65 tackles, and about 2,000 rushing yards. Sam Gordon started the Utah Girls Football League, and now other leagues are starting to pop up all over the nation.

Speaking of playing the ‘name that football player’ game, let’s take a look at how many celebs joined in the commercial fun this year. John Legend changing diapers for pampers, Zoe Kravitz’s ASMR for Michelob Ultra, Jason Bateman as the elevator attendant for Hyundai, Sarah Michelle Gellar for Olay. Who else knows the voice for the killer in that one? Anyone? Please, tell me.

I have to say though; I loved the Pepsi commercials. The combination of Steve Correll, the King of Crunk, and Cardi B is funny enough right? I drink Coke usually (yes, let the arguments begin), but I wanted to drink Pepsi after watching Steve try to say “Okurr.” It was funny guys!

Cardi B Ok GIF by Pepsi - Find & Share on GIPHY

But when you think Super Bowl, you think of certain brands running commercials. I know to expect a lot of beer, Pepsi, Coke, and Doritos. While Coke let me down this year, Doritos did not. My favorite provided me with my favorite. Backstreet Boys. Open to Chance the Rapper eating Doritos while he listens to the angelic tones of BSB. Add some fast cars, and some colorful exhaust and THEY’RE HERE! Be wrong if you like, but BSB still has it going on. Also, Chance flapping like a chicken because he had the wrong pants and couldn’t do the BSB dance? Now it’s hot.

So, what did you guys love? Which brands did you expect to see a lot from? Leave a comment below, let me know what you guys thought of the commercials. Should we do a part two on the commercials that maybe let us down a little? Highlight the ones that maybe we’ll remember, but not remember what it’s for? We’ll see.

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2 Comments on “Top 8 Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

  1. I always look forward to the Clydesdales, and this year… whuh??? It was like a no-emotion, no-humor version of the Clydesdale commercial. Thanks, Bud. You use wind power. Ain’t you special?


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