“So, what do you do in your spare time?”

“I enjoy some creative writing on occasion.”

“Oh cool! Do you have a blog?”


“Why not?”

I hear this all the time. Go to an interview; why not? Meet a new person; how come? Old friends; yet?

Well let me explain this for you. Yes, I do write things. Randomly. About random things. Blogs are supposed to be about specific topics that you hold some sort of self-granted expertise on, right? Well usually anyway. I always thought, what can I write, that other people don’t already write? No idea! So, I have nothing to write about.

Let us also factor into all of this, that these random things are written at random times. I don’t have a writing schedule. See? I missed my seven-day mark already! Or was that to make a point? No, it really wasn’t. I’m just bad with personal deadlines. So why torture myself with blog posts that won’t make sense and won’t be posted on time?

Stressful blog posts about a bunch of random crap, that will be thrown on a page at random times; who wants to read that? Nobody. So why do I have a blog now? Because there’s no rules!

I’m not writing a blog for a business. I’m not trying to promote anything. Not yet anyway. There are no rules about the number of posts, or how frequent, or what about. I’m writing for me, so why not dip my toe into the blog pool? Why not try to get a writing schedule down? The only thing it will do is give me a creative outlet that doesn’t get paint under my nails. What’s the worst that can happen? Nobody reads my blog? Their loss buddy! Because I’m entertainment. My bunch of random crap is going to be a hilarious highlight of your day.

So, what can you expect when you come here every week? Hopefully, every week. Entertainment. Didn’t you hear? Last weekend, I was a DJ in Florida.

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