I’m Baaaack!

Ok, ok. I get it, I went MIA for no reason. But while I do apologize, I'm glad I did. So now I guess I owe you all an explanation? Well, if you insist. I was powering through my crappy first draft of my inevitably horrible first novel and hit a wall. Forget writer's block,… Continue reading I’m Baaaack!

My Imaginary Friends Are Shunning Me

After two weeks of being sick, and slow to catch up on my novel, my characters are silent. They wonโ€™t talk to me, and itโ€™s causing me a little case of writerโ€™s block. So, what am I supposed to do? Babble! I have my whole novel blocked out in my head and broken down on… Continue reading My Imaginary Friends Are Shunning Me