How To Write : Descriptive Writing

Don’t describe your characters like you’re telling the police about a suspect. Describe your characters like you’re guiding an artist through a painting when they can’t see the model. “Her eyes were green.” Vs. “Her almond-shaped eyes glinted… Read More

How To Write : Narrative

Narrative writing is the process of writing narratively. Was that contrary? I apologize. Let’s talk about this a bit more. Writing narratively is characterized by a series of events that are encountered by the main character in a… Read More

How To Write : Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is a particularly useful skill utilized by writers to present their stance on an issue. By clearly sharing their opinions through structured writing, authors can convince their audiences to feel a certain way about the topic…. Read More

How To Write : Expository Style

Expository. This is the type of writing that explains everything. This is the most flexible and most commonly used genre of writing. Arguably, it is the most important as well. You could write the most detailed piece that… Read More