Poetic prose requires brevity, but when written well it has longevity.

Emotion and imagery, meter and rhyme. Take my advice, be a pro in no time.

Not all poetry has to rhyme, or have a certain iambic pentameter. While poetry isn’t as prominent as it once was, but it is much easier to incorporate in day to day life than you would realize once you know what to incorporate.

  1. Short and Sweet. When writing a novel, there are certain requirements on length depending on the genre you are working on. The same goes for poetry. But when you’re trying to simply be more poetic in your everyday writing, keep the “short and sweet” method in mind. Think of it like this: an unlimited character Facebook status, vs the 280 character maximum on a Tweet.
  2. Brave the Elements. Do some research in what poetic elements are out there and think about what you can incorporate. Rhyme scheme and alliteration won’t fit effortlessly into any kind of writing, but metaphors and imagery absolutely can. Think about how the structure of your writing flows too. Where lines break and how many sentences are in each paragraph can definitely change the way a piece is read.
  3. Avoid clichĂ©s. I personally hate reading the same clichĂ©s over and over. Nothing will take me out of reading something faster than seeing “think outside the box” or “keep your eye on the ball”. I’m not in a box, nor do I play sports (because I have horrible hand eye coordination). Instead, you should think about the meaning of what you’re saying. If you want someone to be creative, tell them to use their imagination. If you’re trying to up the focus, tell them to pay better attention. Simple language is better than an overused piece of filler text.

I enjoy channeling my inner Shakespeare and Dickinson when crafting something informal as a way to keep the mood light. It gives an air of humor that I quite enjoy. But the use will 100% depend on the type of writing you are working on. Think about it during your planning stages, maybe it will work, maybe it’ll stand out in your professional blog and make the reader ask why you’re baking a cherry pie with oranges. It will be your call. Choose wisely dear poet.

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