Technical writing is the craft of documenting processes. Traditionally this practice was used to detail highly technical processes in the form of user manuals, however as this coveted practice has grown, so to has the duties. These days, technical writing includes all sorts of documentation such as; reports, executive summary statements, and briefs. If at any time technical information is written down, it is by definition, technical writing.

The departments aren’t just technical though. While engineering and IT are absolutely included, finance and legal departments are also wound into this practice. The field is no longer confined to user manuals, and can be anything down to an email. If you work in a technical field, or a field where constant processes must be explained through writing, chances are, you are a technical writer without even knowing it. The trick is to write in a way that allows others who may not necessarily know much about your topic to understand.

  • What is global English? – This is a style of writing that makes the language more understood by non native English speakers. This is achieved through wording that is precise, logical, and literal.

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