Narrative writing is the process of writing narratively. Was that contrary? I apologize. Let’s talk about this a bit more. Writing narratively is characterized by a series of events that are encountered by the main character in a particular setting. To be straightforward; a story. But it’s not just telling a story like a timeline, a narrative has several requirements. You must think about the purpose of the story, the tone, and voice of the narrator, the story structure, and the writing portion of organization and structure. Word choices will be crucial for a narrative, as you need to keep the same narration throughout your work.

There are many ways to approach a narrative or any type of writing. The elements used are all pretty much the same, but the order in which they appear doesn’t always fall into place in the same order. The way you break them down will be up to you and be very dependent on the type of work and the purpose of the piece you are working on. If you are writing for professional purposes, you may have a more factual grounding and therefore require more structure than something that is written for entertainment. Either way, organizing, and plotting will be your biggest needs.

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