Expository. This is the type of writing that explains everything. This is the most flexible and most commonly used genre of writing. Arguably, it is the most important as well. You could write the most detailed piece that has poetry flowing through it, but if nobody can understand it, it will be forgotten. Clear communication is a must, even on paper…or screen.

The main purpose of the expository genre is to provide information about the subject in the article. The trick here is to explain your topic without bias. You have to find a way to balance the support information in a neutral way and use only the facts. Chanel your inner Vulcan for this style, take out all emotion and personal standing.

Informational writing is primarily seen in factual examples such as news articles, dictionaries, textbooks, manuals, and helpful blogs (like this one). If it requires research and proven fact, you can bet that you will read less narration and description and more details. The “how to” and the “what you need to know” articles are the cream of the crop for this section.

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