5 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

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The 3 C’s of Content

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Book Review: Undercurrent

After the great floods, the world’s coastal cities survived by building huge domes that kept them safe from the rising waters, but they couldn’t protect them from political upheaval. The Wave Party’s leader Saxon Cole is trying to… Read More

How To Write : Poetic Writing

Poetic prose requires brevity, but when written well it has longevity. Emotion and imagery, meter and rhyme. Take my advice, be a pro in no time. Not all poetry has to rhyme, or have a certain iambic pentameter…. Read More

How To Write : Technical Writing

Technical writing is the craft of documenting processes. Traditionally this practice was used to detail highly technical processes in the form of user manuals, however as this coveted practice has grown, so to has the duties. These days,… Read More