How To Write

How to write? Well that’s a loaded question don’t you think? As I mentioned briefly in my “What Is Writing?” post, there are many different types of writing. The “how to” portion varies depending on what kind of… Read More

Why Is Writing So Hard?

Writing shouldn’t be so difficult, and when you answer “What is Writing?“, it sounds easy as pie. However, writing is damn hard. But, why? There are so many different reasons, and they’re different for everyone. Where one person… Read More

What Is Writing?

Historically, writing is the mixture of letters found in the alphabet and punctuation symbols to form legible thoughts. There are several types of writing styles available depending on the equipment you have. You could use a pen and… Read More

Spring Cleaning For Your Website

Spring is approaching, slowly for some of us, but it’s on its way none the less. Time to bust out the carpet steamers, power washers, and wash the windows. But hey, quick question. How does your website look?… Read More

What is Skyscraper Content?

In Google’s webmaster guidelines, it is stated that links should be earned as the result of a grounded link building strategy. In order to “earn” your popular links, you need to make sure there is value in the… Read More