Keywords for Website SEO

When you are building your own website, you’ll find the word “keywords” is used an awful lot. But what exactly is a keyword? Obviously, it’s all the things you add as tags, right? Well, no. Those are tags. Technically, they’re the same thing with one small difference. One is internal, and one is external. While the words you tag are used to find things within your website, the keywords are the words or phrases used to find your website through internet searches.

What Are Keywords?

This is what a web user types into a search engine when they’re surfing the web. So, thinking of “keywords” as single words may not always be your best bet. Keywords are often phrases. Think of it this way; when you’re looking for the best pizza place around your vacation spot, do you just type “Pizza”? No. But you might type something like “Pizza near me”, or “best pizza in <insert location here>”. These would be GREAT keywords if you were a pizza place. But if you do that and think you’re done, you won’t make it to the top of that results page. So now you need a strategy.

Keyword Strategy

If you have a business or the spare cash for your website, there’s tons of sites that you can use to help with the heavy lifting. I’ve personally used Google AdWords with a previous agency and can attest to its value. It’s affordable and gives you access to all the things you’d need while building your online presence. There’s SEO consulting, Keyword planning, AdWords (to build those little Google Ad boxes). There are some other SEO tools that you can use as well, but the prices increase a bit. SEMrush for example seems to be on the rise in Indeed listings these days. From what I’ve seen, they all seem to use the same aids, but I have seen some SERP Analysis reports that seem to receive high praise from their users. Think carefully about how much help you need, and how much budget you can a lot to such a tool. Now, in my research, I was able to find a Google hack. It’s fairly simple and quick, but there’s a lot of steps to describe. So, if you want to know how to get into that free version, click here for my walkthrough.

SEO Tools That Could Work For You

Don’t forget that these thing rotate as fast as the latest hashtags. To keep your posts relevant, you’ll have to alter your keywords routinely. How routinely you need to do this will depend on your niche. Is your category a fast paced and stay on your toes deal? Or does your area of expertise usually stay the same with rotating trends? This will determine how often you need to update your keywords.

Do your research. Keep on top of the latest fads. Check out your competitors. All of these things are important for valid keyword application. Got questions? Drop me a line!

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