To be successful for Valentine’s Day you don’t have to be in the candy or flower business, you just need to know how to attract your customers. How are you supposed to romance a holiday when it’s geared towards very specific things? If you’re passionate about your holiday spirit, there are some simple things you can tweak your content to give everyone a treat.

  1. Who is it that you’re trying to romance?¬†Think about your audience, not everyone is out to buy a present for a significant other. Like me, they could be out to score that rare box of candy that isn’t full of caramel for themselves. Make your customers your valentines by putting together a few promotions for them, not their other half. Keep in mind that people like to test time limits and do things at the last minute. Consider those procrastinators as well as your early bird shoppers when marketing your offers. Even dawdlers deserve love.
  2. Share the love.¬†When you photograph your products for social media, try to add some roses in the background. You can use heart filters on add stickers on many social platforms these days, so play around with them. Don’t forget to add the x’s and o’s about all your specials for the holiday season too!
  3. Holiday gift guides are great, for those of us not selling chocolate cherubs and rainbow roses. Really sit down and go through your products and services with rose colored glasses to see what you could gear towards seasonal shoppers. Suggest things for the special someone, children, even teachers get hearts of appreciation. You never know when your clientele needs help finding a unique way to show their affections.
  4. Make your email subscribers your virtual valentines.¬†This is an accumulation of everything you’ve done in steps 1-3. Reiterate the specials, duplicate your social graphics, send your gift guide straight to their inbox. Show them you take care of your loyal customers. These thanks and inclusive deals can even be sent in SMS messages if you have a text list.

Got any other tips or tricks to share? Valentine’s Day images to spread around social media? Comment below.

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