Allow Me To Present To You, My Imagination Squirrel

Welcome! If you were here with me last week, you heard something about the “imagination squirrel” in passing. Well, I wanted to introduce you. My “IS” is Twitch. He’s a crazy little thing that gets distracted by everything you’re not actively watching when you go out for the day. Chances are, if you’ve lost the head to one of your lego people, Twitch has picked it up and brought it to me with a collection of interesting looking leaves, the bag of baby carrots your child’s play date had with them, and the cap of a highlighter that he found in the mud.

“Oh, that’s nice Twitch, thanks.”

“Yeah, yeah. No problem…what are you going to do with it all now?”

“Um….good question.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll ask again at 3 am.”

For the rest of my day, he’ll ask me what I can do with leaves, carrots, a faded lego face, and a dirty highlighter cap. If I don’t figure it out, he really will ask me again at 3 in the morning. He will wake me up by putting that random crap in my dream, and hanging out in the background until I put them into a sequence. He needs his crazy collections to form a cohesive collaboration before he lets it go.

I have Twitch to thank for a particularly confusing story that I have in the planning stages. He brought me a handheld mirror, a masquerade mask, a seashell, a snow globe, and a lightbulb. He brought me that stuff over the course of a week and kept pressing the wake-up button in my brain to ask what I’d do with it. I didn’t know! Most of that stuff doesn’t make sense. When were lightbulbs invented? When was the first snow globe made? Did they even exist when masquerades were still popular?

“But I found them for you!”

“Fine! I’ll figure out what to do with all this stuff!”

“Thank you…Oh! I also found you this feather.”

Gee, thanks Twitch. That made things so much easier. See, Twitch is very needy. He needs validation and order for the things he puts in my brain, and if he doesn’t get it, he’ll remind me. Often. In the middle of the night.

You have an imagination squirrel too. They collect small and random things and store them in your brain. Winter for your I.S. ultimately depends on how long you can deal with wondering about the items in question. Once he brought me a clock, a horse, and a haunted house. Sounds easy, right? Well, you can’t be cliché or predictable when you have an imagination squirrel, especially when he’s like Twitch. So, you have to come up with something completely off the wall and pitch it to him until he’s satisfied. Then when the idea is there, he’ll bring you more stuff. That’s how I have a notebook with 26 different story ideas in it. It’s not that I came up with a great story, I built one off the nonsense Twitch brought me.

So, what has your Imagination Squirrel brought you lately? What did you do with it? Bonus points if you know what he looks like!

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