Flash Fiction: Shadow Arena

He’s like you, honey. You’ll be ok, Mr. Dither was just like you. Your father and I are so proud of you for making it through the Penumbra Training. We’ll be there for your graduation ceremony, we hear it’s a performance, I hope you’re practicing. We love you so much, and we can’t wait to… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Shadow Arena

Allow Me To Present To You, My Imagination Squirrel

Welcome! If you were here with me last week, you heard something about the “imagination squirrel” in passing. Well, I wanted to introduce you. My “IS” is Twitch. He’s a crazy little thing that gets distracted by everything you’re not actively watching when you go out for the day. Chances are, if you’ve lost the… Continue reading Allow Me To Present To You, My Imagination Squirrel

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

I’ve always been an ideas person. It comes from being a problem solver, which comes from strategy board games and puzzles. I look at problems and think of weird ways to fix them while making it a little less sucky for everyone involved, well I do that with my story ideas too. How many I… Continue reading Where Do You Get Your Ideas?