Month Write and Kleenex

If you’ve been reading my blog here for a while, or if we’re Facebook friends, or if you know me off the screen and in the real world, you know I’m trying to write a book. So, what did I decide to do this year? I decided to start a blog to help me out. It keeps me writing, gives me an excellent place to practice my writing, keeps me on a schedule, and it gives me accountability. I’ve told my subscribers and anyone else that sneaks in here to read the blog without hitting that nifty follow button located in the footer of my page, that I was going to write a book in the month of March. Now I have to write a book in March. I can’t be mad, I said it, nobody told me to say it. Well, unless you count the voices in my head. Hey! I’m not crazy; it’s the characters that are talking to me. They’ve been nagging at me for years, and I need them to go on their merry way now.

So why do I keep saying “try to write” a book? “I’m trying to write” this book. Because two days into the month of March, my child got a cold. Three days into the month of March, I woke up with a cold. It wasn’t bad at first, but as the week went on, I lost the ability to breathe through my nose. Then the hearing in my right ear became dull and distant, then my left followed suit. Then, what we all dread most about a cold, the cough. It all started the moment I announced to the cosmos that I was going to be productive.

Here is the actual conversation that happened with the universe;

Me: “Hey blog friends! I’ve decided to do it; I’m writing my book. By the end of the month!”

Universe: “Oh, are you now?” -smites the poor dumb dumb writer formally known as Lady B with congestion, coughing, and large red puffy eyes. – “Try it now.”

Me: “What the….. uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh!!! It’s ok. I can make this work.” -hoards all the tissues and sits down and stares at the screen.-

Universe: “Ok, so you’re at your computer. Been there an hour. How much have you written? 75 words? That’s what I thought.”

Me: “Is this real life?”

So today I find myself 11 days into my challenge. I was hoping to be close to a chapter a day. So today I had projected being around chapter 10 or 11; well after all the “I’ll catch up tomorrow” comments last week, I have finished 7 chapters. Not too shabby, but not the super productive bit that I had planned.

“But, Lady B, NaNoWriMo doesn’t say you have to write a chapter a day, the goal is 50,000 words in a month.”

I know that…now. I thought I needed to get the whole book written in the month, yes, but I thought the goal word count was based on your book. So I had set myself up to hit 80,000 (or near it) by the 31st. I should have 28,391 words by that (stupid) standard; I have 16,533. It’s only an 11,858-word deficit. But here’s the thing. Each chapter is averaging out to be 2,300 words. That’s pretty normal, right? Well, I’m 4 chapters behind, there’s 9,200 words right there.

So if you’re following my math, do we see a problem here? I started with the 80k in 31 days goal, which sounds great and all, however, that’s more than a chapter a day. I have only planned 24 chapters. So I decided that 80k was too much. So I’m not paying attention to the word count right now, all those numbers were just to give you guys an idea of where I’m at. The goal is to write about a chapter a day now. Considering that I didn’t write as much as I wanted to while I was sick, and I wouldn’t have written tonight’s chapter yet anyway, I can’t say I’m in a horrible place.

I’m learning processes and goals that work and don’t work for me. I’m learning where I need to better my writing skills. And I’ve learned that the best way for me to get this book written, is not to edit the thing until it’s done. Otherwise, I’d still be on chapter two. So if you’re curious, I’ll probably be able to get this book finished by the end of the month! As long as I don’t get another bout of the plague….

But here is my question for you. Do the 810 words in this blog count towards my goal?

No. I didn’t think so either.

Oh well, join me next time when I’ll talk about my writer’s block and how I much I hate…er….how I overcome it!

4 thoughts on “Month Write and Kleenex”

  1. Damn right you can do it. But remember, writing and math are two different subjects. Write what makes sense, stop when it doesn’t. The main idea of writing is to write the main ideas. When you get them all done, then you revise, and when that’s done, you do it again until it’s the best you can do. Then after it sits for a while, you revise it one more time. When it has risen to the point where there is a golden brown crust and a light and fluffy inside, it’s done.


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