Challenge Accepted – Month Write

If you’ve read my “About Me” bio section, you already know that the one thing that has always been constant about my plans for the future is to be a writer. I cycled through the typical dreams – movie star, rock star, astronaut – but the one thing that I never stopped wanting was to be a writer. I have been writing things for as long as I can remember. However, there is one word in that sentence that bothers me; “things.” I have taken tons of writing classes where I’ve written all kinds of poetry, and flash fiction, and short stories; and I have had one of each type put into a collection. A poem selected for publication in North Yorkshire England when I was in fourth grade, a flash fiction chosen for print in a countywide collection, and a short story published in a countywide Christmas anthology.

So, when can I truly call myself a writer? Well, my answer would be, when I’ve completed a book. No, I don’t mean when I’ve read a book, I’ve read many. According to my new Good Reads account, I’ve read over 500. I mean when I’ve finished writing a book. My father has written three so far. I call my father a writer. His second book is fantastic, and he’s recently self-published his book on Amazon. Now I don’t want to hear, “You have to say that, it’s your father.” I love my dad, but his first book was not my favorite. (Sorry dad!) But once he had finished that book, he was able to find his groove and write a killer novel.

During his writing process, I have been both intimidated and inspired. It has taken him a while to get through the planning, outlining, writing, editing, beta reading, editing, submitting, editing, and finalizing, but he ordered his first batch of books signaling that he had done it. A large box full of paperback books with my father’s name, ‘Michael Crowl’, arrived at the house the other day. It was a beautiful moment. The whole house was excited as he cut the box open and ripped out the 50 ft of brown paper that they stuffed in the box before shipping so we could all see the final product.

I am so proud of him, but I am also incredibly jealous. He has figured it out. He has his own writing process. Meanwhile, I have tried about 30 different approaches, and I have no novel to hold. So, I have decided something. Something crazy, but I have decided none the less. Why should I have to wait for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November? I am making my own Novel Writing Month. I am calling it Month Write. I am planning to write my first full novel in a month. The month of March.

So here it is guys. This is what this blog has been leading up to. It is time for me to catch up with my father’s accomplishments. It is time that I write a book. We will see how this goes. Hey, if it goes well, I might have to start a second Month Write for book two.

Wish me luck in my craziness!



I need well wishes. Feel free to leave them as comments of luck, or likes.

Also, check out Undercurrent by Michael Crowl.

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