So, I went over what I thought were some of the best commercials in my last blog. Which ads were memorable? Which were funny? And I eluded to the idea that there were some, that I personally, thought were left wanting. So let’s go over some of the “bad ads” from this year’s big game.

Bon and Viv’s spiked seltzer. Sounds cool, and it wasn’t a bad commercial really, but I didn’t get it. After a second look, it’s a clever setup, but I forgot what the product was until I watched it again. I will be able to say that it’s an alcoholic can of something with mermaids on it. The shark tank bit was fun, but I will forget this one happened.

While I can remember Kristin Chenoweth’s avocados jingle, I won’t be able to tell you what the human-dog show was for by next week. It’s a funny ad, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not a memorable advertisement for me.

I usually enjoy the Coke commercials, but this year, I just remember that it was a long, weird, and slow ad. “Different is beautiful” will not make me think of Coca-cola. I’ll think of that commercial and say, oh god, can I skip this? Or do I have to wait for it to end before I watch my YouTube video? Yeah, sorry Coke. Not your best work.

How about the “live skittles ad in a theater”? The arguing over what he was doing, where was it going to be? It was strange. Now add a scarecrow to manifest anxiety. Are we watching a super bowl commercial for medicine? Oh right, Skittles. Yeah, I’ll forget about that one too. I would expect more glitz from the phrase ‘Broadway the rainbow.’

Michelob Ultra had a spoof video with ASMR that was pretty funny, but the robots living day to day? I could barely tell you what it was for because, by the time they showed the product, they had text on the screen. Sadly, this one isn’t going to be a memorable commercial in my book.

Speaking of the good and the bad, the M&M’s commercial I mentioned in my last blog? Well, there was another one where they locked Christina Applegate out of the car. The voices couldn’t be heard, and the M&M’s weren’t seen, it wasn’t one I’d remember unless I had already seen the other one. If you don’t know which one I mean, check my last blog.

How about just something that you’ll forget easily? The Burger King is sitting at a table saying nothing, and waving his hands around. What is that one for? Burger King, duh. Wrong! It was for Door Dash. How would you know unless you read the text on the screen at the end of the silent ad? You wouldn’t. I’ll forget what it was for, but I’ll remember the King was on screen during the big game. Not a whopper of a marketing plan for Door Dash, but I’ll take the sandwich.

So what do you guys think? Did you like these commercials? Did I miss something you thought was a bad ad? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Also, I don’t want to end the Super Bowl commercials rant on the bad ads, so have a few highlights that didn’t make the last blog.

Super Bowl What GIF by bubly - Find & Share on GIPHY
Luke Wilson Colgate GIF by ADWEEK - Find & Share on GIPHY

And because it’s me:

Backstreet Boys Doritos GIF by ADWEEK - Find & Share on GIPHY

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