K-Pop and Camaraderie

Okay, okay. I get it, I promised we'd come back to the K-Pop thing. So here's the deal, my sister is awesome. Please, don't tell her I said that. When we were kids yes, we fought all the time, but we also got along. Her best friend was my best friend's older sister, which worked… Continue reading K-Pop and Camaraderie

I Am An Expert At Everything

I, am an expert at everything. It is a powerful feeling knowing that I can pick apart what went wrong in a chef’s food, or why your dance isn’t getting a full score. I can tell you when your voice is flat and when your wooden floors have warped due to moisture build up underneath.… Continue reading I Am An Expert At Everything

Small home office desk with a determind quote board.

Oh. That’s why..

"So, what do you do in your spare time?" "I enjoy some creative writing on occasion." "Oh cool! Do you have a blog?" "Nope." "Why not?" I hear this all the time. Go to an interview; why not? Meet a new person; how come? Old friends; yet? Well let me explain this for you. Yes,… Continue reading Oh. That’s why..

DJ Booth Strobe Light Party.

Last night, I was a DJ in Florida…

My child looked to me with excitement in her eyes and said, “Mommy! Let’s go upstairs!” Of course, I agreed and followed her curiously as she scooped an armful of princess dolls into her arms along with some pink plastic furniture. I stood at the bottom of the stairs where she announced we were going… Continue reading Last night, I was a DJ in Florida…